Real Talk

I’m still here. (Thank you for your kindness.)

Still here with the scooping of formula, the rocking, the swaddling, the diaper-changing. The apple slicing for Bee, the tying of shoes, the playing of Uno. These hands haven’t made their way to a keyboard in a long while, and for that, I’m uncharacteristically content.

But I miss our connections here, I do. Some days, I find myself in the midst of a pile of burpcloths, just standing there, feeling a bit lonely. I wonder what Jana’s up to, how Forrest is doing. What you guys are thinking about, dreaming of, mulling over. My mind wanders to this space – to you – as if it’s remembering an old friend, a past life – and for that, I’m grateful.

My friend Tsh asked if I’d be up for co-hosting her podcast this year, and the request came just days after Scout arrived. I thought it sounded crazy. I thought I’d never find the time. I thought for sure it would be the commitment to end me, the monthly reminder that I’m behind, that I’m buried, that I’m falling short.

And oh, I was the wrongest thing.

My chats with Tsh have been a balm. She’s an old soul like me, but a few years ahead and filled to the brim with tips and tricks for those wanting to suck more marrow out of this life. She’s wise and practical, lovely and good. We spend an hour or so on certain Thursdays chatting about all things home, and the first – on rituals and routines – is here.

If you’re a podcast listener, enjoy. And if you’re not, I get it. My hands are full right now, and perhaps your ears are much the same.

Just know this: I’ll pop in and write when I can. I’m over here playing Uno. I miss you. We’ll learn alongside each other again soon.

Super soon.


  • Friend, I could say the exact same things about you. It is a delight and a joy to have you on the show with me this season! I look forward to many more chats, and in the meantime, you soak up that precious season you’re in. It flies by (as you well know). XO

  • Hi Erin! I came over to your blog from your podcast with Tsh and I’m just loving reading all that you have to say. Since you’re enjoying Uno and life and maybe not writing as often (which I can totally relate to, though here it’s Dominos and homeschooling and playing referee for my 3 sons) I’m going to soak in your old posts and look forward to when you share again!

  • Hi, I understand that you feel lonely sometimes and want to connect. But don’t be to hard on yourself, I think you’ve written and published a lot of beautiful writings here lately, even though you’ve got a little baby to care for, that just ‘fell from the sky’ sort of… So you just enjoy playing uno!! We will be here.

    • thank you sweet liesbeth! i’ve been finding my way back to the keyboard every now and then and it’s been a breath of fresh air each time. it’s such a treat to meet you back here, and also such a treat to be playing uno for hours. what a gift this life can be!

  • I have been listening to The Simple Show for about a year now and when Tsh said you would be joining her I was ecstatic! How amazing to have two such inspiring humans in one place, thank you thank you.

  • Enjoy Uno, enjoy life, enjoy every moment each day brings you, in the meantime, we’ll be here. However long it may take. You’ve made an imprint, because of that, we’ll always be here. Breathe. Love. Cherish.
    Read you soon! Georgi X

  • So lovely to hear your hearts in the seasons you are both in. So much useful and practical information to explore. A book I am enjoying is called The Rest of God: Restoring your soul by restoring Sabbath by Mark Buchanan. The CD I am enjoying is Poets and Saints by All Sons and Daughters. I love Heaven meets Earth and Rest in You. Just a FYI for Fun as I thought it fit the the theme of your Podcast. It’s our Thanksgiving week-end here in Canada so Happy Thanksgiving. Love Ginny

  • Big giant hugs…and YAY for podcasts! I can’t wait to listen! Seriously, this sorta made my morning! :)

  • I love you and I love Tsh, and was so excited when I found out you’d be part of the podcast! So excited to learn more from this new project – thank you for picking it up in this busy season of your life. By the way – Congratulations on the amazing bundle of life, Scout! Sending love to you and your family!

    • oh thank you milo!!!! and it’s been such a treat to chat with tsh. she’s a dear, yes? so grateful you’re taking a few moments to listen – thank you!

  • Cannot wait to add this to my podcast list :) And also wanted to pass along my 3 tricks for being home with 2 cute little people (good for when you need a bit of quiet time/a break from Uno ;)). 1) Any Usborne sticker or activity book (they are fun to the point where I want to do them! We really liked the Yellow Activity book :)) 2) the Sparkle Stories Podcast. Not sure if you’ve already heard of this, but it totally saved me last winter (when we had 5 Snow Days in one month) so I thought I’d pass it along :). The stories are just lovely and the story teller (David) has the most soothing voice! 3) Matcha. Dare I say better than coffee? I think I might… half a teaspoon whisked with steamed almond milk and honey and then it’s totally fine that you just spilled that glass of orange juice and I stepped on your sister’s flung banana pieces when I went to wipe it up ;). Happy Tuesday!

    • oh my goodness gracious, robin – thank you for such lovely ideas!!!! i’m off to take a peek at usborne and sparkle stories now, and shoot – AMEN TO MATCHA! i love practical tips from fellow mamas; thank you for sharing yours with me! :)

  • Such a wonderful podcast episode! You both reminded me of the importance of routines and rituals, to seek gratitude, calm, balance and joy, even in the more chaotic seasons, and also to go easy and just do what you can when things seem especially overwhelming. I loved hearing about your ‘Thrive’ and ‘Survive’ routines, and it inspired me to use my 5 year journal more. Thank you! Enjoy time with your new baba :)

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