This Is What We Came For

A text message from a girlfriend this weekend:

I’m so heavy today. I didn’t sleep. All I could think about were the people being turned away.

I imagine you’re heavy today, too. I imagine you’re doing your best to decipher the news. I imagine you’re doing your best to put on a happy face at your kid’s basketball game, at the company fundraiser, in the church pew.

I imagine you’re doing your best, is all.

Me, too.

And yet, know this:

We have seen injustice before, and we will see it again. This is not new. This is not unprecedented.

This is precisely what we came for.

From Pharaoh’s unlawful ruling was born a most quiet rising: a papyrus-wrapped baby hidden by his parents, sent down the Nile, soon discovered by a princess. A baby destined to bring justice.

From Herod’s unlawful ruling was born a most quiet rising: a straw-cloaked baby hidden by his parents, sent to a manger, soon discovered to be a prince. A baby destined to bring peace.

For every unlawful ruling since is born a most quiet rising: Us.

Beauty is born in, out, of and from injustice.

Let us be the beauty.

Let us be an innkeeper making room.
Let us be a Moses on an airport floor.
Let us be Pharaoh’s daughter bringing pizza.
Let us be the midwives secretly fighting Herod’s law.

This is what we came for.

If you feel heavy, if you are not sleeping, if all you can think about are the people being turned away and you are fraught with worry, despair, grief over our leader’s actions, have hope.

This is what He came for.

May we be the beauty.
May we be the love.
May He be the hope.

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Emma. I’m just over here writing what I need to be reminded of, as well. :)

  • Thank you Erin! This is just what I needed this morning. I have been thinking of those midwives a lot these past few months and have been praying and scheming of all the ways to secretly and not so secretly fight. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement.

  • I am a person of faith (well, not in God, but in Humanity and Nature) and of hope. But, I must say, from the other side of the ocean, we totally do not understand, and yes, it’s scary. (and we feel powerless, even our pelicans seem to feel/be powerless). So thank you for words.
    PS: what an absolutely gorgeous staircase & picture.

    • Oh, I hear you, Liesbeth. We’re struggling over here as well, and I am so sorry for what this all might feel like across the pond. Sending love and light to your neck of the woods.

  • What if – instead of criticizing – we sent our leaders our name and phone number and a list of what we are willing to do personally for these refugees. Also for the babies we say we don’t want aborted.

    • Best idea ever. Let’s do our part. Everyone take in a family! My father in law did this many years ago. Took in families and supported them. We don’t see this happening?? Just complaining. Let’s change that.

  • I too must thank you; it has been a hard few days for me, for many reasons. Thank you for your truth, as it reminds me of my own. May our faith, no matter the basis, help us find the ways to help and comfort as we can.

  • thank you, thank you. this helps frame current disarray with more light.

  • what a beautiful message- people like yourself give me hope, give the nation hope. Thank you.

  • Erin, I am so touched and humbled by the gentle inclusiveness and simplicity of your words. I choked up several times reading this piece aloud to my teenagers (imagine how they loved that), and handed copies of it out at work today (colleagues DID love that!). While there is still urgency in your words, you’re helping to frame a bit of the frantic in my heart. Matthew West’s song “Do Something” is our family’s, I don’t know, mission statement maybe? And you took that call to action, spoke it into a time of real need, and did it with style and beauty! As is your way ;) Once again, I learn—LEARN—from you. Thank you sweet girl.

    • Oh Jenifer – thank you for your kindness and support. And oh, I can’t wait to look up that song!!!!!!! So much love your way. :)

  • Erin,your words are much appreciated. This is a trying time for our country and we need hope and persistence. We cannot let hate prevail, we must come together to spread love, respect and resilience. I hope everyone will use all that they can in whatever way they can to stop this barrage of hatred and lies.

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