Tee Time

Tee season, check. Bee is 100% a tee-and-leggings gal (dear apple, meet your tree), and I’m often asked where our favorite modern kids tees hail from. Here’s the thing — tees are tees are tees. Whether you’re snagging them from Goodwill and garage sales or ordering them from your favorite international boutique, it matters not. You do you.

Of note: I’m not a fan of shopping for sport, so we procure replacement tees only when necessary, and in such case, I’ve been known to hop online and stock up all at once for the coming year. We keep 5-7 tees and 5-7 leggings in heavy rotation, both in similar color palettes/patterns so Bee can mix and match to her heart’s delight. It’s a win/win: she gets to feel empowered while dressing herself and express her creativity, and I get to have the tiniest shred of control over what she wears.

(Only a matter of time, mamas.)

Also of note: Whenever possible, I opt for a simple dress/tunic because – surprise! – a 3-year-old’s dress becomes a 4-year-old’s tunic becomes a 5-year-old’s tee. (With the sidewalk chalk stains to prove it.)

And so, some favorites – all under $35:


Any favorite tee sources I’ve missed? Feel free to share with us all below!

  • Yup, firmly a graphic tee and jeans/knit pants kid around here. He still rebels at dressing himself sometimes (Why do I have to do ALL THE TIME by MYSELF?! = ) but he does like to pick out his clothes. = )

  • Any chance these are available for adults too? Bee’s wardrobe choices aren’t that different than mine. 0r could you do a similar post for the ladies? :)

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