Small Step No. 02

We have a running joke in these parts that Ken, ever the health conscious one, will ask one question and one question alone to everything that ails you:

How much water have you had today?

Headache? How much water have you had today? Foul mood? How much water have you had today? Broken toe? How much water have you had today?

It is endearing until it’s not.

Still, he is right. We’re all far more prone to dehydration than we think, and I find that on the busiest of days of errands and car seats and grocery sacks, water is generally the first thing to fly from my mind.

And so, a small reminder for myself:

Water first.

The rule is simple – two tall glasses of water down the hatch before I’ve had my morning coffee. That’s it.

You needn’t invest in fancy water bottles or herb-infused recipes (although you certainly can, of course). It takes only a small habit stack to guarantee you’ve consumed a large percentage of your daily water intake before 8am, and isn’t it fun to be an over-achiever, if only for the morning?

Stick to the formula throughout the day – two glasses before afternoon tea, two glasses before evening wine – and you’ve landed on the simplest solution for whatever ails you.

(Broken toes excluded.)

Tell me: what small steps are you exploring these days? I’d love to hear!



p.s. These are a series of small steps that will (hopefully) provide one giant leap to greater things. Not for mankind, but for me, and perhaps for you, which will always be good enough in my book. First one here.

  • Yes! I can tell all the difference when I don’t drink enough water–especially in my anxiety and irritability levels. Started keeping a glass on my bedside table, so I get the first glass in before I even get out of bed! Overachiever right here!

    • Me too! I’d never thought of dehydration and anxiety being related but for me, it 100% is. And I LOVE that you keep water on the bedside table for the morning — total overachiever!!!

  • I really, really love this series, Erin. I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of small changes lately and reading about yours has only encouraged those sentiments. Thanks so much for sharing yours and creating a (sometimes unknown and unseen) ripple effect of small changes for others.

  • Water first thing in the morning is my go-to also, along with always having a water bottle with me at work, car and home. Also, prepping and especially TAKING 2-3 lunches to work at the beginning of the week smooths out my mornings like no one’s business. = )

    • Oh, taking 2-3 lunches at the beginning of the week is SO, SO SMART! I’ll bet that’s a total game-changer!

  • I so need to do this. The only way I get water in, is if its mineral water from a can. la croix is my drink of choice and I’m told it works just as well as plain water.

  • Erin, This post reminded me of my dad. His solution, when I would call home from college, or later in life, telling him my life woes, was, “When was the last time you exercised or went for a walk?” Always the same solution, no matter the problem! He had a good point though…that natural endorphin kicking in did make me feel better. I’m working on more water consumption too!

  • Thank you for this basic thing. I already start my day with water–I make sure I have at least one before coffee but I couldn’t figure out how to force myself to drink more through out the day. Oh, just, like, keep using that same tactic. Doy. :P Of course.

    • Ha — it’s so funny how the obvious is sometimes the most overlooked! I’ve been there all too often! :)

  • Yes! I finally added an app that reminds me to drink more water and reach my goals for the day which really does help get drink a lot more and I’ve noticed a difference in my moods and how I feel! And it’s all free!

  • love it! Thanks for the reminder!!! I have always thought it should speak volumes to us that Jesus referred to Himself as living… WATER! : )

  • I drink lots of decaf tea in the cooler months and lots of plain old cold water in the summer, I try to drink a big glass before dinner so I feel fuller faster. Makes me feel so much better when I drink lots of water!

  • Paying bills and the mail, in general, provided a source of stress for me. Not because we don’t have money to pay our bills but just something I can’t explain. Now, when I come in the door from work, I stand at the kitchen counter and open the mail. Let’s face it, most of it is junk anyway so what good did it do to pile it in my little basket for later. I don’t take my heals off,leave the kitchen, until I’ve dispositioned the mail. I leave a checkbook in the kitchen drawer along with stamps so that if there’s a bill to pay, I write the check and boom, done. The mail taunts me no more!

  • Two glasses of water before your morning coffee? I applaud you!! I would love to hydrate like this before my morning coffee, but I find it a challenge to have that much in my stomach. What would you suggest for someone who is just beginning to change my hydration habits?

    • Hmm, I’d try the same routine, but with 1 glass! Your body will adjust in no time at all. ;)

  • Yay! I bought a quart sized mason jar and a cap that allows for a straw, filled it with ice & water and started slurping! Sometimes I add a dash of apple cider vinegar and/or ginger or cayenne for metabolic and immunity effects. I agree with Ken….water cures most everything. ;)

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