Dressing Your Kids

My mother is forever retelling a story of her endless sartorial regret one Sunday morning as my pastor lifted my 2-year-old self up for a hug to find that I was wearing approximately zero garments under my vacuous tulle skirt. (It would be a few years before she would buckle again under my insistence that I was, indeed, old enough to clothe myself.)

Still, I’m an unabashed believer in letting the littles dress to their liking, and I save my Veto Card for special occasions only (certainly the above would qualify). But as a stylist by trade, I do love having a say in what my kid’s wear, and I do love supporting smaller, independent brands. The best tip I’ve found in allowing your kids to dress creatively and sustainably without breaking the bank?

Consider sleepwear.

Often times, sleepwear sets can double as a t-shirt and leggings for a fraction of the price (pro tip: they’re often the first to hit the online sale rack, too). When I purchase within a similar color scheme, Bee can choose to mix and match the patterns to her heart’s delight, or pair them together for a tot-friendly play suit – with far less fuss (Exhibit A).

Behold, a few favorite options – all unisex, for easy hand-me-downs:

Bucket Hat ($11)
Indikidual Silly Face Pajama Set ($22)
Freshly Picked Sandals ($40)
Parkour Nightwear Set ($45)
Banana Print Pajamas ($51)
Urban Camo Pajamas ($39) – on sale
Dragonfly Pajamas ($39) – on sale
Sunglasses ($25) – on sale
Under the Sea tee ($36)

Tell me, are you of the caution-to-the-wind variety when it comes to dressing your kids? I’d love to hear your own standbys!


p.s. Flashback to dressing myself on my birthday.

  • I make suggestions based on weather (a long-sleeve shirt might be too hot today), but otherwise he gets to pick out his clothes and I’ve decided I don’t care if they “match” or not. And since I know he’ll always pick out his fave pants with the neon orange strip down the side if they’re available, sometimes those disappear so other items will go into rotation. LOL

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