What I’m Learning

Here is what I’m learning:

  1. If the baby skips his afternoon nap, he is an evening trainwreck. If the baby does not skip his afternoon nap, he is a nighttime trainwreck. Choose your own adventure. Either way, make brownies.
  2. You are aging, as is your body. Resist the temptation to be tormented by its progression; to zero in on thighs, breasts, measurements, worth. As a wise aunt once said: You are not a chicken.
  3. Writing a letter to your former teacher takes three minutes, likely less. It will change her year.
  4. Yes, you would like help out to the car.
  • We just entered the land of Kindergarten, where naps no longer exist, and bedtime is now stellar. Until the next phase. And I’ll remember the brownie remedy next time bedtime is an issue… = )

  • I loved this, accepting help is hard for me. But learning to ask and be specific in my needs instead of hoping someone guesses it has been a BIG life-changing skill. Also, brownies.

    • YES YES YES. I’m a former “surely you’re reading my mind?” gal myself – never works. ;)

  • This is so wise! Your words always bring an inner peace to my heart and mind! Thank you xoxoxo

  • Right now a brand new mom, I am learning a lot of new things! haha
    Most importantly I am learning to show myself grace. Being a Mama is wonderful, beautiful, stressful, and difficult (all at the same time). I’m currently walking through this new life and trying to figure out who I am. I have been learning to let go, to live more simply and purposefully, and to embrace community/connection. It’s so fun and scary all at the same time — most days I love it. Today is one of those days :)

  • Brownies. I hear that mama. I’m learning that my transition to motherhood has been equal parts wonderful and hard and that it’s okay to be grieving my traveling 20s and fully embracing this little one that has filled my life in ways I could have never understood. It doesn’t have to be an either/or.

  • Thank you for this! All so true. I needed to hear #2. Blessings to you and your fam.

  • Oh and also, #3. I’ve been thinking for a while to write my 5th grade and middle school string teachers. Sadly, I can’t find them online to get their contact information. I’m so thankful to those teachers for fostering in me a love of the violin and classical music. Teachers, you are appreciated!

    • Oh yes yes yes! I had some trouble tracking down a favorite but eventually found them through my former principal. It helps that I’m from a very small town! :)

  • “You are not a chicken!” Priceless!

    It’s taken me forever to arrive at the place where I can say “Yes, some help would be lovely, thank you.” But better late (57) than never, right?

  • Yes, we are aging, but look at all the learning – wisdom – self-knowledge we get in place of, well, physical youngness… It’s a shame you have to let go of that to get the other, but then again, we are still beautiful, maybe even more…

  • love this!! I am taking notes. Our second baby is due in december and I am trying to prepare myself for having less control but it will likely still hit like a ton of bricks! Just had conversation the other day with another momma about accepting help at the grocery store! I always say no, but with a 3 yr old and entering the third trimester I really should start saying yes. Someone told me by not accepting help when its offered your denying someone else the chance to be a blessing. so i will practice saying yes.

  • Here is what I have learned this week:
    1. 4 year olds who refuse to learn their alphabet can be possibly tricked into learning letters when Cherrios and glue are involved.
    2. love notes between two 6 year olds involve the word “friend” over and over…. And I believe not just because it’s a spelling word this week. Oh, That we could all remember what we already knew at 6….
    3. “A simple life that revolves around loving your family doesn’t equate to a small life”. (Melanie Shankle).

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