Hair, of all things.

I’ve never been blessed with a sense of consistency in the beauty department. As a child, my own grandmother often failed to identify me in family photos due to a near-constant rotation of (admittedly terrible) hair choices: the leave-in Perm, the impromptu bangs, the great Sun-In overdose of 1994.

I won’t even get into butterfly clips.

Still, of all hairstyles, at all ages, in all circumstances, I always come back to the pixie. It’s simple, is all. Wash-and-go with nary a thought.

Of course, wash-and-go with nary a thought bodes less well for those times you’d like to offer something a bit more. The special occasions, the weddings, the anniversary dinners, the keynotes – each fanciful event begs the question: how to dress up a tress-less look?

(Glad you asked.)

Sharing 4 of my go-to tricks for special-occasion pixie styling right this way on HEALTHY ESSENTIALS®.


  • oh my goodness butterfly clips. (cue heart eyes)
    I have been blessed with a giant curly mane. My mom didn’t know how to tame it so it was often brushed out (to a fro no less) and then my mom would do these sweet little twists at the crown of my head pinning each row in place with a whole array of sparkly butterfly clips right into a poofed fro. Such sweet elementary memories.
    Thankful for diffusers and mousse and middle school.


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