A Color-Changing Slushie

If we’re paying attention long enough, and if our ears are bent low enough, it’s easy to find the magic in summer. The smallest caterpillar gliding effortlessly on the shivering edge of a paper thin leaf.  The cool shock of a juicy watermelon, pink swimming down your chin, your elbows, a seed to spit into the sky. A darkened canvas for dozens of fireflies, floating flashlights snuffing in and out of the distance.

The whole show makes you gasp in awe, to wish wide that it might stay forever. And so: for those of you feeling sentimental with the start of school turning the corner, might I suggest a bit of magic-prolonging in the form of a chilly treat?

Head on over to HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® and watch a recipe of my favorite magic color-changing slushie for summer. Cheers to you, friends!