On Baby Proofing

Few will be surprised to hear I take baby proofing as simply as they come.

Our solution to a baby’s growing admiration for ceramic serving platters? A few rubber bands around the cabinet handles. No outlet covers? Electrical tape as a temporary seal. When the toddler’s favorite place to explore is the toilet? Install the bathroom’s door lever upside down.

(Touche, babies.)

The truth is this: There’s almost always a creative solution around the bend, and 9 times out of 10, it needn’t require a new purchase.

I do, however, have one baby proofing “must” with me at all times – rain or shine, day or night, forever and always. For the curious, I’m chatting all about it over at HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® today…


  • Oh my, I adore everything you write, Erin. And as a first time mom with a seven-month-old, I feel like at least half of the emails flooding my inbox these days are on this very topic: baby proofing. She’s not even crawling, yet I’m feeling the pressure to change everything in our little apartment!! Yes, this post is the only resource I need, and I’m suddenly not overwhelmed. Thank you!

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