Our Favorite Puzzles

Finally: puzzle season.

Candied pecans on the stove, Bing Crosby on the speakers. This is the time of year in which we all share excitement over something. For some, it’s sterile snow falling in sheets. Others, a warm, glistening tree and a tower of packages. Still others, your grandmother’s eggnog recipe.

Me? Jigsaw puzzles.

I’m not entirely sure when the tradition started, only that it was sometime after Bee could prove enough self control to keep from shoving the cardboard enigmas into her mouth. Since then, my general rule is this: if the winter clouds are out, so then, are the puzzles.

Below are a few favorites, for those who asked on Instagram last week:

For the whole family, try this travel-inspired world puzzle to pick your next dream destination.
For the modern millennial in your life, this quirky Love Lives Here puzzle is sure to make ’em smile.
For the outdoor enthusiast, try this Charley Harper puzzle for an inventive take on woodland wonders.
For the chef in your life, try this illustrated vegetable puzzle (high five for okra!).
For the holiday decor nut, try this ornament flatlay puzzle that’s both pretty and pretty challenging.
For the book lovers, try this bestsellers collage puzzle, then snuggle up with your favorite classic when finished!
For an artful, calming pick, this Kurti Andrea Venice scene is sweet and lovely.
For the Charles Wysocki purists, try this holiday landscape that’s heartwarming, festive and easy on the eyes.
For a New Year’s Eve night in and some good old-fashioned reminiscing, try this 1980’s decade puzzle.
For anyone with infinite patience, this colorful gradient puzzle wins the ultimate puzzle prize.

For everyone else, dig out your favorite 1000 piece and go to town, yes? The Internet can wait.

  • So fun. I just ordered a puzzle for my mom. She loves Charles Wysocki!!

  • Hi Erin,
    Thanks for taking the time to share some of your favourite puzzles. I LOVE PUZZLES! I use to do a lot of them when I was younger. Charles Wysockis were my favourite. After having kids, I couldn’t do a thousand piece puzzle without some kid destroying it. But now that they’re older, we enjoy 300 piece puzzles that can be done in a single sitting together (or separate as we race each other :) Memory Lane puzzles are working great for us right now. To Puzzles!

  • Question for you: What do you do with your puzzles once they are completed? Do they go directly back in the box or do you save them in some special way?

  • After seeing this post i went and bought a puzzle from amazon- a vintage yosemite poster! I found tons of them on amazon and I’m anxiously waiting for it to arrive.

  • Just started a new Christmas tradition, thanks Erin! I bought the Wysocki Christmas scene… my daughter is going to be so excited.

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