Last week, the first snowfall. We wake to small styrofoam beads glistening in the yard, the patio, the trees.

It’s Christmas! says Scout.
It’s snow! says Bee.

Soon, they’ll both be right.

erin loechner

December paraded in quicker than we’d anticipated, its usual fanfare clouded by the daily swirl of dentist appointments, deadlines, diapers. Each of us on separate routes: Ken finishing renovations on a rental property, Bee practicing Chinese characters. Me, a new project launching in January. Scout trying his darndest to pronounce the word ‘Sven.’

There’s much to throw confetti over, now that I see it all in written down.

Still, we’re carving out a quieter rhythm for the end of December. Time to sit on the sidewalk and catch a bit of candy, we think.

erin loechner

Books finished:
The Mars Room, by Rachel Kushner
My Kitchen Year, by Ruth Reichl
There, There, by Tommy Orange


Last month, I’m driving around the neighbor kids – a trio of teens chattering on about multiverse. They tell me of string theory, of physics, of eternal inflation, but mostly this:

When you turn left into the cul-de-sac, what if somewhere else you’re turning right? And that choice leads to a totally different life, one you’re living trillions of miles away in a different time?

I tell them I know very little about quantum mechanics, that it sounds complicated.

Kinda like life, one of them says. We all nod.

erin loechner

All else is all else: Maple-shallot jam, Echosmith ‘I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.’ Pink cheeks bouncing to the mailbox, returning with mittened handfuls. Stoneware mugs, throwing acorns. A beginner’s blanket to knit.

“And the great Now What stretching without end.”
―Lauren Groff


Happy December to you, friends.

  • You are knitting? I love to knot, I make ceramic yarn bowls too and mugs with alpaca faces. But I hope you enjoy knitting as much as I do.

    • I’m so excited to learn! I have a kit to teach me, but can always use some pointers. ;) Your mugs sound ADORABLE.

  • I love Bee’s carrot PJs :-) thanks for your reminders of beauty in the little things!!! I hope the project in January is something we get to experience as well! I love Ruth Reichl’s writing. Have you read her Tender To The Bone?

    • Thank you, Abigail! I haven’t yet read Tender to the Bone but am so excited to add it to my list! And I hope you can experience (and love!) the January project as well! Can’t wait to share soon. :)

  • My three children are teens, so sometimes your words don’t really apply to me… but they always touch me. Today’s included. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Happy December.

  • I love how you celebrate the ordinary things! The everyday details in both photos and words. with two boys a 4 year old and recently turned 1 year old a house under 1000sqft for 4 people, a mom in school with final exams a dad shifiting jobs alot of uncertainty and a very emotional me it feels extra hard this season… but im seeing joy in our days, celebrating Gods grace every moment we find it. thank you for your timely words.

    • Thank you, Hannah! Sending joy your way – and hopefully a bit of peace this December! :)

  • I’m in my third trimester and day-by-day dropping responsibilities other than gestating humans (yes, two).

    I’m trying to love my puffy feet and my stuffy nose, knowing that these are the final weeks of being one singular human where concerns about “me” are paramount.

    I keep on reminding myself it’s ok not to be striving, proving and achieving in every moment.
    Trying to slow down, take care, be present.
    Reading your writing helps.

    I love this quote so much. Thank you.
    “And the great Now What stretching without end.”
    ―Lauren Groff

  • Beautiful post. It reminds me that even amongst my grief of the death of my boyfriend in September, I, too have much to throw confetti about. I have a cute apartment, heath insurance, food in the fridge, resources in the city for when I have needed an extra hand and funds, a doting sister who literally carries me and holds me close, four magnificent nieces and nephews all still in the age where their auntie is cool and fun and silly, a mom who brings me to World Market where I browse for much longer than she’d want to debating cloth napkins and scented bars of soap, a dad who shipped me a new winter coat to keep my body and soul warm in these long, dark, cold Boston winters, a part time childcare job in which I snuggle a sweet, affectionate six month old soul.

    Thank you for your writings, Erin.

    • Goodness, Kelly – this is so so beautiful. I am so sorry to hear of your boyfriend’s passing, and am also so uplifted to hear that you’re naming your gratitude in such powerful ways. Sending love and warmth to you this December and, of course, beyond.

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