Cake No. 02: The Chocolately Chocolate Cake

This is the cake you bake for your kids’ uncle. The one who’s not technically blood, but definitely brother. The one who never skips the occasion to send a handwritten letter from miles away, who shows up on Christmas morning with a cardboard box bigger than your car. He who cheers on every loose tooth, every climbed tree, every deep end dive.

The one worth celebrating for no reason at all, and for every reason after.

You’ll bake two round cakes, one for his visit and one to wrap in foil and send a state away. You and your daughter will moon over various frosting ideas – Swiss meringue? Roasted nut? Vanilla cream? – before deciding he’s worth all three and the taste test begins.

You’ll learn later, of course, that he hates peanut butter.

chocolatey chocolate cake

But it won’t have mattered.

chocolatey chocolate cake

He’ll have left your messy kitchen knowing he’s purely loved, endlessly celebrated.

Forever adored.



p.s. Recipe from this (delicious) book, and for the curious, let it be stated that – unanimously – Swiss Meringue topping is the only wise choice here.

p.p.s. Cake 1 here, and the series that started it all…

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