12 Books to Change Your Mind

If your home is carried by the spine of a book, if you find yourself up past midnight to devour just one last chapter, if you’ve ever left the party early because there’s a riveting tale tented on your nightstand, you’ll know what it means to encounter joy in 300 pages or less.

Books are doors propped open to a room beyond. Expanding, truth-telling. And in a world that churns continuously, there exists an odd comfort in falling head over heels with a 1940’s housewife protagonist or AIDS activist or Pulitzer prophet and closing their curtain – leaving each behind with a final farewell.

It’s the best reminder I know: that The End is never the end.

The story, of course, lives on. The character traits, the lessons, the words unsaid and lives unlived. If attention is paid, we’ll find both the path and the destination to a mind ineffably changed.

And so, for the curious, here are 12 books I’ve found to be worth considering and re-considering, each with a profound lesson for us all:

Click above images to view/purchase: Trust Life, Flight Behavior, The Little Prince, Walden

Click above images to view/purchase: It Starts With Food, Man’s Search for Meaning, Loving What Is, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen

Click above images to view/purchase: When Helping Hurts, The Alcohol Experiment, Tattoos on the Heart, Home

From parenting to charity, suffering to short ribs, there’s so, so much here.

Pick one.

(Report back.)

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