A Simpler Advent

Of all the Christmas activities I am easily overwhelmed by, the advent calendar tops the list. The pressure that comes with dreaming and scheming 25 tiny surprises for 3 kids is enough to send me straight to the North Pole Looney Bin.

So this year, I’m outsourcing the creativity to the always-clever clan at After Dinner Amusements. Created for lively dinner convos and thoughtful memories, these tiny tins are filled-to-the-brim with trivia prompts, icebreakers, and endless laughs. And while they’re not necessarily designed for the magic of advent, the holiday edition is PERFECT for anyone seeking a simpler solution. Charades? Solstice parties? Family folklore? I’m allllll in.

Wave farewell to dozens of throw-away trinkets and hello to lasting memories – all in a single tin.

To Buy: After Dinner Amusements: Happy Holidays Edition ($8.95) at Chronicle Books

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