Summer Glow

While I’m known within my circle of friends to be the resident beauty products guinea pig, I’ll never say yes to anything more than a 5-minute make-up routine. Enter: Honest Beauty’s contouring kit.

Most days, I’m a tinted sunscreen, lip balm and a swipe of mascara kind of girl. But every now and then, I reach for this simple kit for a full-face boost. Equipped with a customized bronzer and a subtle highlighter (plus instructions, for the contour novice!), it’s a one-stop shop toward that ephemeral summer glow. Better yet? The whole kit is free from aluminum, parabens, paraffin’s, talc, petrolatum, mineral oil or synthetic fragrances.

I’ll bronze to that.

To Buy: Honest Beauty Contouring Kit ($28) at Amazon.

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