Making Scents

You guys know by now I’m a firm believer in custom gifts. The more specific, the better. Once, a friend visited our home and left a 3-page haiku on the guest bed, complete with hand-drawn illustrations and (highly illegible) footnotes. We framed it that afternoon.

If you’ve got a friend in your life who always has a scented candle on her dining room table, who keeps a plug-in in the bathroom, who swears by seasonally-scented hand soap at the kitchen sink, might I suggest a custom scent story from Dimensions Fragrance?

It’s the simplest process – you choose which room and mood you’d like to create a scent for, then select your friend’s favorite fragrance notes. Is she earthy? Is he spicy? Does she love fresh and clean; is he more into citrus and comfort? Dimensions’ master perfumer does the rest, creating the loveliest personalized blend and packaging it into a custom fragrance box with 3 scent refills and a device for diffusing.

After all, the nose knows. (And now, so do you.)

To Buy: ‘Personalize Your Scent’ Fragrance Box ($25) at Dimensions Fragrance

p.s. Use code designformankind25 for 25% off your order, valid through 12/5!

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