Ramekin Ready

It is no small thing in life to be prepared for company at a moment’s notice, but I’ll dare to admit I’m well on my way. The secret? Small, tiny bowls*. Being ramekin-ready, if you will. Here’s the trick: set out your well-loved, happiest ramekins, and fill each to the brim with the half-eaten bags of whatever you’ll find in your pantry: walnuts, plantains, dried mangos, dark chocolate bark. Truly, just dump out everything your kids begged you for at the market last week but are no longer interested in (or, perhaps, you’re still rationing for leverage?). Add olives and cheese from the fridge, a baguette. Boom – a feast for the eyes, and a snack for the bellies.

*My favorites are these beauties, handmade with glazed ceramic and enriched by a gold enamel detail on the edges. Highly recommend!

To Buy: Small Ramekins, set of 4 ($48)


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