Ring Rattles

Welcoming a third baby into the fold is a whole new ball game. There are pros, of course. I’m older (not yet fully wiser) with less energy to fret the small stuff. Less time to micro-manage. Less headspace for perfectly-portioned snack hours. Here, kids, have another cheese stick!

But the best pro of all – by far – is the built-in car seat entertainment. Baby Lou is sandwiched between Bee and Scout in the middle row of our van, which means not one, but two(!) peek-a-boo performers, pacifier-catchers, lullaby-singers at the ready. As of late, this ring rattle has been getting the most play – a tambourine for the olders as they belt out radio hits, and plush cuddles for the tiniest as the snoozes the miles away.

To Buy: Linen Ring Rattle ($16) at Alimrose


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