Slow Dungarees

Voting with my dollars is ever-important to me, which is why you’ll often find me scouring local thrift stores when the small folks in my home begin to tell me their pants are decidedly cropped, their tees now of the midi variety. Another day, another growth spurt, another Goodwill run – and so it goes.

Still, there are times in which the local thrift pickins’ are lacking that special, over-the-top piece a child roams the aisles in search of. For 7-year-old me, it was a peacock-colored sweatshirt with plinky, oversized buttons sewn all over the front. For 7-year-old Bee? Dungarees.

“They’re just so… complete, you know?” is what she’d said, Scout and I fake-nodding in unison.

Last week, I opened a kind e-mail from slow fashion childrenswear designers Infantium Victoria who aim for just that: completeness. With an unwavering commitment to ethical production, every garment sewn is 100% organic and PETA-approved vegan. Including, of course, dungarees.

Designed in Belgium and handcrafted in Portugal at a GOTS-certified factory, you can enjoy this darling organic muslin number right this way.

But hurry; Bee’s right behind ya. ;)



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