To-Your-Door Smoothies

Sometimes, I wonder if this whole to-your-door anything is making us spoiled, lazy. Entitled to a quick life change in a convenient cardboard box, with free shipping please.

And yet: there have been services that have added immense value to my life, have brought joy to my family, have freed up my time so the kids and I spend an extra 45 minutes at the park on a random Tuesday knowing dinner’s taken care of, and then some.

A delivery treat we’ve been indulging in as of late? Daily Harvest smoothies (also: harvest bowls, soups, and more recently, lattes!). Each order offers a collection of hand-picked, pre-measured superfoods to fill with coconut water or almond milk; you need only to turn on the blender. The flavors are delicious – we love Mint + Cacao, Carrot + Chia and Cold Brew + Almond   – and the packaging is smart while encouraging minimal waste. When your smoothie is blended, simply pour it back into the cup, seal with a lid and insert a straw for a snack on-the-run (or for littles prone to spilling).

We’ve been toting a shared smoothie on our afternoon walks for a healthy dose of energy when the pre-dinner slump hits, and – dare I say it? – it’s making a big difference in these parts. Sometimes, sure, convenience offers a lesser reward. Other times? It brings a jolt of pure delight, with a heaping side of cacao.

Psst: If you want to try Daily Harvest ($48 for 6 smoothies), enjoy the promo code designformankind for 3 free cups on your first order. Cheers!

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