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    my 2011 non-goals.

    12.29.2010 / ARCHIVES


    Shortly after I posted my goals for 2011, I realized I have a lot of habits that I already sort of love and things about myself and my life that I’d hate to change. And as important as it is to strive for betterment, I’d love to make a list of non-goals: the moments, habits and choices I want to stay the same:

    1. Keep drinking that water. You’re doing great.
    2. Never stop asking for what you want and/or need.
    3. Family is a priority for you. I love that. Don’t forget it.
    4. I think you brushed your teeth every night before bed last year. Gold star for anti-laziness!
    5. You embraced your pixie hair, even though you hated it at first. I’m proud of you.
    6. Keep pitching your memoir. You’ll get there.
    7. Don’t forget that you’re doing what you love. Please don’t forget that.

    What about you? What do you love about yourself, your life and your circumstances? List them. Say them out loud. Write them on your mirror in royal red lipstick. Remember them forever.

    • Such a great list, Erin! I love the non-goal list idea; it’s so positive! (Resisting smiley face emoticon right now, for the record.)

    • Love this positive post! Mine would be something like:

      Keep blogging daily, Keep improving and learning from mistakes daily, Keep on decluttering the purging as much as possible.

      Like you, I’ve been drinking daily water. Gotta keep them up.

    • i love this list/sentiment! go you!

    • number 7 made me a little verklempt. pixie-hair lovers of the world unite!! here are a few of mine. thanks for making me do this. it’s good for me:

      1. keep believing in yourself. you can do it.
      2. keep wearing red lipstick. it’s fun.
      3. it’s perfectly fine to be as nostalgic and sentimental as you are. it’s okay to cry a bit at the littlest things that make you sentimental. you sentimental goof.
      4. you are a good mom. keep teaching your kids to appreciate the little things in life. they will be sentimental goofs like you later. (or now, really).
      5. keep surrounding yourself with lovely positive people like Erin. this helps you a great deal.
      6. keep learning every day.

      thanks Erin for being such an inspiration (emoticon) xo

    • I’m new to your blog and so inspired by your list. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you so much, friends! I hope you all take on a similar list for yourself — there are so many things to love about the present, yes?

    • Brilliant idea. Too much focusing on our flaws is just destructive to the soul.

    • I completely agree!

    • this. is. so. awesome. thank you for always inspiring me. i love how simple it is. you should add that to your non goals – keep inspiring others every day.

    • I love this list, Erin. One of the many reasons I adore you + designformankind. :) Good job, you.

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