#2? #14? #25? #59? check! check! check! check!

You guys, I am on fire with my life list. Serious fire. Blow me out. No, don’t, because I like it hot.

That wasn’t supposed to sound quite the way that it sounded.

Anyway, I’ve been life listing this week, and you will be so proud of what I accomplished:

I have no photographic evidence of #2, but you’ll have to trust me on this one. I’m Queen of splits in this house. And it turns out, it’s not super hard. A lot of stretching with maybe a bit of wine and you’re pretty much a gymnast. Check indeed.

Mary from the grocery store (Hi, Mary!) is now the proud owner of a shiny, new life list. We struck up a conversation about olive oil and pretty soon we were exchanging life-long goals and childhood dreams. Mary wants to ride a horse (go get ’em, Mary!) and shoot a gun. Probably not at the same time. I hope.

I am completely and totally enrolled in an online drawing class that starts in January (join me! Do it!). After reading Carla’s top five reasons to take her Silly class, I knew it would be the perfect spot for me. Plus? Online. Meaning pajamas. Bonus. If you’d like to join and learn to draw (while filling out worksheets, which I LOVE), you can sign up here. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes when I finish!

I joined a gym (don’t make fun) this week because I like cheese and am pushing 30. Apparently, that’s a bit of a bad combo for my metabolism. And Monday, I walked like eight miles b/c I was engrossed in a book and didn’t notice. Tuesday, I walked two miles. And today? Today, I ran. I ran like the wind (on a non-windy day, I suppose) for an entire mile. Without stopping. I promise. It took me 14 minutes, so I suppose that’s more like jogging, but pish posh. I did it. And I am Woman. Hear me super Roar.

Fellow life listers — get on it. You’ve got to catch me (especially now that I can run fast. Sort of.)!

  • thank you, kristen! running isn’t as bad as i thought it’d be! i’m going back today!

  • HOLY EFFING SHIZZ ERIN! Why didn’t you call me after you ran a whole mile?! WHAT! OK now you’re screwed because you are running with me at Alt Summit. OMG DUDE

  • Congrats on so many life goals completed! Especially the splits–you’re right, it just takes a little streching. I remember being little and watching the “big girls” in dance class doing these lungey-type streches before their splits. And i then used those same streches to teach myself a few years back. :)

    Also, i like your life list–is it cheating to start with yours and modify it to change a few? i’m not feeling very creative these days. lol :) Maybe i’ll just use it for inspiration. :)

    happy new year!

  • Ha — I am NOT running w/ you at Alt. That is the craziest thing ever. You run like, BILLIONS of miles, Jaime. I stop at 1. Ha.

  • good job. I seriously don’t think i could get close to running a mile.
    Why is pushing 30 so disastrous for our body. 30 should be young right! I did a work out with my 22 year old sister this weekend. It was NOT pretty on my part.

    Also at my old age my flexibility is terrible. Back in the day when I was taking Karate I could do splits and everything – no I can’t even touch my toes! I hate getting old. I gotta figure out a plan about getting in shape – I know I’ll never go to a gym though.

  • Erin, I love your lists. I am a list girl myself. I just spent last night revising mine and I am so stoked to see your progress. It’s one thing to make a list and another to actually get at it. Go girl!

  • Go girl!! Especially on the splits. I think the only time I could have done those was when I was completely numb during childbirth, and well, I would have paid for it later.

    I really need to do a life list for 2011. I am currently majorly overwhelmed and need to focus on what is important and put the rest aside (and add some fun stuff in there too of course.)

  • yeah you! so proud of you. i have seen the splits so i will be your witness that you know how to do them. run for running! maybe you will join me on a run sometime and not bail at the last minute! =)

  • you get it done lady! my life list is slowly unfolding… it’s pretty grand and wraps around ever line my brain contains……. haha

  • yay —- thank you, friends!

    and yes! jill as my witness, i have done the splits. (emoticon)

  • Ok, that’s it. I am also fond of cheese and pushing 30 and have been procrastinating about gyms. Off to look at memberships. Thankyou!

  • I said it yesterday, and it’s worth repeating…

    You are an inspiration!

    p.s. if there is a heaven,it’s made of cheese. <3 :-)

  • Hip hip huzzah! That’s it, I’m making a life life this weekend. I need it starting me in the face if I’m going to do all the things I want to. Running a mile will definitely have to be on mine as well, not something I’m good at right now… Happy new year, Erin! You’re such an inspiration (emoticon).

  • Run a mile is on my life list too! I start C25K next week. I, too, will be “running” at ALT — if you would like to have someone make you feel like a regular marthoner.

  • I totally enrolled in the drawing class, how fun, I can’t wait!! I’m so glad you posted about that! Great job on your list, you are owning it lady, Happy 2011!!!

  • thank you, chelsea! so glad you’ll be joining the class (i think its going to be tons of fun!).

  • oh man you are my kind of girl! :) you go get’em too erin!!! i just love reading you because i just laugh! well, about the splits, i learned to snowboard this weekend, how about that? it is harder, believe me! the drawing class… i am tempted… the running thing, i hear you girl, i started running last year and stopped when the summer hit strong in lisbon, and now i really must start again, it is not easy… and guess what, i eat a lot and am already on the 30th candle :) happy new year! hugs! twiggs

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