my 2011 non-goals.


Shortly after I posted my goals for 2011, I realized I have a lot of habits that I already sort of love and things about myself and my life that I’d hate to change. And as important as it is to strive for betterment, I’d love to make a list of non-goals: the moments, habits and choices I want to stay the same:

1. Keep drinking that water. You’re doing great.
2. Never stop asking for what you want and/or need.
3. Family is a priority for you. I love that. Don’t forget it.
4. I think you brushed your teeth every night before bed last year. Gold star for anti-laziness!
5. You embraced your pixie hair, even though you hated it at first. I’m proud of you.
6. Keep pitching your memoir. You’ll get there.
7. Don’t forget that you’re doing what you love. Please don’t forget that.

What about you? What do you love about yourself, your life and your circumstances? List them. Say them out loud. Write them on your mirror in royal red lipstick. Remember them forever.

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