a fun shopping spree.

Friends, my move-in date is inching closer and closer and I’m officially thrilled. For those of you who know me personally know that I’ve been living with my inlaws for over two years while we’ve slowly made Indiana our home (all the way from Los Angeles!). And because we’ve been documenting the process for HGTV.com, we’ve been annoyingly perfectionist with everything from ceiling planks to floor sanding.

Our friends at HomeGoods* were kind enough to give us a break from heavy lifting and labor and gifted us a mini shopping spree in their Carmel location. Can you believe all of the goodies we scored for less than $1,000?:

Industrial kitchen stools, all-white bedding, kitchen supplies and a wickedly awesome wired globe — it’s all so lovely!

I can’t wait to show you how this all looks in the space when we do finish our home and move in. Let’s try for March, shall we?

Huge thanks to HomeGoods!

*Full disclosure: HomeGoods is a sponsor of our renovation project.

  • OH MY GOODNESS! How cool! I just watched 2 of the cute videos you posted…and you guys are ADORABLE!

    Ok, so this is funny. My husband and I just filmed HOUSE HUNTERS [the first ever for Montana]!! I tweeted you today saying that you were adorable…..and to know we both are working for HGTV is awesome! LOVE IT! Cant wait to see your finished house!

  • I am crazy about that globe. I need one in my life, actually it would be a gift to my brother and his wife, they are as crazy about globes as I am. How can I get one? I tried on the Home Goods website however they do not seem to actually sell items on the site. No shops in NYC and I do not drive. I’m stuck sweetie… any ideas?

  • the globe was just $50 — can you believe it?

    hmm… maybe call a shop and see if they offer a shipping service? OR — tweet about it! i’m sure your followers or blog readers (or even facebook fans?) might have a home goods in their area and they’d be glad to send it.

    i would if i there was a home goods close, but its a good 2 hour drive away! :(

  • SWEET! And I had no idea you had been living with your in-laws for two years. Girl you deserve a major award for that ( I just pictured the leg lamp from A Christmas Story…LOL) That was so nice of Home Goods – love the stools!!

  • Erin…are you living in Carmel California? I had no idea…that’s my hometown. While Indiana is nice it will be tough to leave the Monterey Peninsula but looking forward to seeing the completed house. Where in Carmel?

  • you are pretty much living out my lifelongdream. WHAT.
    and you have a home goods.
    ohdear!!! here’s to wishing you all the best for your new abode! loving all the choices and ideas so far. fabtasticcc! <3 so much home love.

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