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    dear bee // 5.

    08.17.2012 / FAMILY

    baby bee

    Dear Bee,

    Oh little one. You learned how to use those God-given lungs this week, and my gracious are you giving your father and I some fits. Seemingly overnight, someone replaced our complacent little glo-worm with a screamer and voicing your opinion is now high on your list of favorite hobbies.

    I won’t lie; it’s a bit maddening trying to figure out what exactly is turning you into such a cranky little child. Often times your dad and I will run through the checklist of all of your basic needs and decide that, for no reason at all, you’re just crying. And that’s OK.

    I think you’re just like me, Bee. You’re sensitive. And sensitivity is a beautiful thing. I can’t wait to see you grow into someone who cares so much. Who is tuned into the needs of others, showing empathy to those around her. Who is so very aware of the weight that life holds.

    Being sensitive can be a hard trait to carry through life, but it’s a good one – I promise. You’ll see.


    p.s. Your father and I have invested in a super pack of ear plugs, so feel free to carry on, little one. We’ll be right here for you.

    • She is sensitive. She is also developing her lungs and probably crying right now for sport. Mine made the very same transition as Bee. Fits every night for about 7-10 days, and then it stops. My LO grew in length and weight during this period too so that probably contributed. You guys are doing all the right things. Make her feel safe and loved and have faith that she is perfectly healthy and normal. Keep up the good work mama!

    • Sherry Smith

      I smile because Miles was good at this game..Swinging him around like an airplane, bouncing on that huge big rubber ball, taking rides in the car, or walks in the evening air seemed sometimes to do the trick..John knows them all…grams like to lay him on my knees, rub his back as he bounced lightly..
      so happy to see a picture of her…
      just a dream baby…big hugs Mommy and Daddy

      Oh and another thought..Me eating tomatoes gave Betsy belly ache, when I was
      nursing her..

    • that picture is SOOOO cute…what a little sweet bee.
      being sensitive means you have a big heart, and that is a very good thing. i’m in the club with you girls.


    • This too shall pass, Erin!! It can be so incredibly frustrating and maddening though! Im going to pull what all us mothers love to do… Give unsolicitated advice. It’s only ecause i love ya though and just in case one of thse things help you. My apologies in advance. My kids all like the white noise so maybe try a blow dryer, bathroom fan or running water to get a break from her opinions. :) also, one of the best pieces of advice I every received is indeed how sensitive babies are. They can sense exactly how we’re feeling. In times like these, it’s so hard to stay calm, I know – but do your best and it will pay off! xoxo

    • I remember J going through the exact same thing. It was really maddening because you’re doing everything in your power to make the baby stop crying! :: UNSOLICITED ADVICE ALERT :: —->”The Happiest Baby on the Block” kinda saved our lives. I didn’t even read the book; I read the synopsis of the 5 S’s and that was enough to totally be a gamechanger. For us, at least. ::END OF UNSOLICITED ADVICE::


    • omg amazing advice, friends! don’t worry – i love the advice. keep it coming! :)

    • I cut tomatoes (my instinct) and dairy (lactation consultant’s advice) at 6 weeks and had a different baby-they were upsetting her tummy. Second to the bouncing on the ball trick- a lifesaver when Polly wanted only to be walked and we were absolutely exhausted and just wanted to sit.

    • Michelle

      One thing that calmed both our babies every time? Taking them in the bathwith me to nurse. It’s warm and floaty, the running water provides white noise, and nursing; pretty much the best combination ever as far as newborns are concerned! With our second – now 3 months – I took him in the bath every night…sometimes twice during his fussy period (which was caused by dairy in my diet).

      Hang in there!

    • Such a cutie, love that shot!!

    • Well, regardless, she’s so cute!!!!! : )

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