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    06.04.2014 / TRAVEL


    I’m a bit of a minimalist, so I rarely bring home souvenirs from trips (other than copious amounts of Instagrams, clearly). But two things I simply cannot pass by when visiting another country? Groceries and newsstands. Here are a few treats I stole away in my suitcase from our recent trip to Singapore!:

    1. I fell in love with this magazine’s dedication to offline efforts. In a world where the Internet is lauded as #1, it’s sometimes nice to have a bit of competition throwing their hat into the ring.
    2. Admittedly, I didn’t purchase this chocolate – it was a gift from a very, very sweet Bloesem student! And it’s not from Singapore; she brought it from the Philippines. But it was – hands down – the best bar of chocolate I’ve ever had. (Thank you, Martine!)
    3. I didn’t have a bad cup of coffee the entire time I was in Singapore (iced was a must, however!), so I picked up a few brews (this one is Owl), including a bag from my favorite local breakfast spot, Kith Cafe.
    4. This Icelandic-based publication shining a spotlight on local design, architecture and visual arts has been heavily feeding my Nordic wanderlust.
    5. The many rock candies of Singapore are stunning, so a handful of Sticky was a necessity.
    6. An issue dedicated to the intersection between white space and art? Of course I picked up Not Today.
    7. & Premium is a monthly Japanese magazine that I picked up strictly for the imagery. A beautiful layout spotlighting home, food and soulful photography, this one gets a permanent seat on my art shelf in the office.

    Tell me, what are your favorite souvenirs for family and friends? I’d love to hear!

    p.s. The reason we visited Singapore, and my packing list!

    • Oh I love getting a peek at another culture. Especially from the design standpoint. This is such a fun post! Hope you had a great trip:) x

      • Ah, thank you Anna – hope you’re well sweet dear! :)

    • Like you my souvenirs involve print. I always like to visit a book store and bring back a few books. And usually some sort of antique jewelry. On our most recent trip my hubby found me a jade hair pin and I have been wearing it every day since.

    • Yay! Glad you liked it. It’s my favorite chocolate, too!

    • I love that magazines and treats are your souvenirs of choice. Me too. xo

    • And now I just ordered an issue of Not Today. I couldn’t help myself! :)

    • Food is always a good souvenir, I think. From Granada we brought the best tea infusion I ever drunk. From Germany some nice organic dried cranberries. And also, we had a great tomato knife in the apartment over there, so we went to a kitchen store and bought the same one. Very useful souvenir!
      Magazines, I never tried that, must do that sometime!!

      • Ah, very smart re: tomato knives! :) Thanks, Liesbeth!

    • Nice to see a familiar homegrown brand in your list!
      come back soon :)

      • i hope to! and omg i LOVE your shop! beautiful necklaces, larissa!!!

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