light sale at dwr.

Ok, to be honest, I don’t care about the sale. As much as I think DWR is fabulously on board with the latest and greatest designers, I can’t bring myself to purchase anything there. Maybe it’s the prices, or the accessibility (I like having pieces NO one else has!). Whatever it is, sale time at DWR has just really never done it for me.

HOWEVER, sale time at DWR means ONE thing to me that gives me butterflies. ROOM VIEWS. I loooove the inspiration I get from watching DWR’s product stylist create spectacular rooms with few pieces. Makes me wonder if I could EVER bring myself to be a Minimalist.

Anyway, here are some great room views for DWR lighting. Visit DWR for more!

  • For real. Even on sale, the prices are so ridiculous. And it’s only, like, what–10 or 15% off? I looked at it the other day and was a bit disgusted.

  • Hi. I don’t know much about DWR, but I really do love these shots!

  • Ooh, Jennifer. You must begin a courting relationship with DWR. Fabulous to look at, but pricey.

    Sarah– I’m with you, girly. But hey, it’s DWR. If they’ve got it, they can flaunt it. Although I do think they should change their store name to “Design Within Reach: But Only if You’re Loaded.”

  • Yes, I never buy from them either. I’m way too cheap and have found great stuff on the curb and at the Salvation Army.

    But, I love looking through their catalog.

    I am a lover of minimalism. Minimalism makes me swoon more than any other style. But lately I am losing my minimalist tendencies because I am obsessed with pottery, paintings and lamps. I still try to edit ruthlessly and I hate clutter.

  • Megan: That’s my fave, too!

    And Peggy: Ohhhh, another lamp tramp. That’s SO my problem. So glad you fessed up— we should really think about starting a support group.

  • Great to see these room views. Thanks for posting! I am looking into that white chandelier now…

  • Thanks, designflute. And Brilliant, YES— the white chandelier! LOVE it.

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