megan cassidy carty.

Oooh, I LOOOOVE a good makeover story! Megan commented on a recent post of mine, and of course, I was curious to see who this gal was. After perusing her blog and finding posts of her basement-to-letterpress-studio overhaul, I knew I had to open with Megan’s hard work.

Megan and her husband have been ‘making do’ with their basement for years, and finally decided to glam it up a notch. With limited funds and a DIY attitude, they set their sights on an affordable game plan. Check out these crazy awesome results:


See? LOVELY. So naturally, I wanted more. After perusing her website, I find out she’s also an uber-talented graphic designer with a fabulous Etsy shop full of letterpress fun. My fave design from Megan? These cute Hello cards:

Just adorable. Thanks for the inspiration, Megan, and keep up the good work!

  • Wow! Thanks so much for the great write-up! :) *blush* We are excited the space is finished; and I’m happy to finally be truly using the space now!

  • just look at all those drawers! and all those neatly organized shelves! super dreamy.

  • oh my gosh! i found that HELLO card forver ago and had NO idea who designed it!!!!! so good to be able to put a face with it finally.

  • Megan’s before pictures of her basement is a bit what mine looks like now. When we bought our house the previous homeowners left it full of their stuff!!! It was gross. I LOVE what she did with it!!!! Looks wonderful!!!! I will go check her out,…love the hello card too!!!!

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