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recycling lotta’s prints
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Erinn from Happy Living Design was kind enough to participate in THE BIG REVEAL but missed the cut-off date. So, for a mini sneak-peek if you will, I’m posting her daily inspirations (I’m a big fan of them!):

my husband. my peers of architects, artists, designers and bloggers. orla kiely. lotta jansdotter. anyone who makes something by hand. marisa haedike of creative thursday. my neice and nephew (3 and 6). my parents. the changing of the seasons. David Salmela, architect. Thomas O’Brien, designer. the gingko tree. my hometown : West Chester, PA. Port to Port Press. my flickr contacts. Amy Butler. Mark Strand, poet.

A big thanks to Erinn from DFM! Stay tuned for THE BIG REVEAL this Wednesday, January 30th at 12:00AM. You won’t want to miss. ;)

  • Oh wow thanks a lot
    So its this blog i must say and all the wonderful picks you upload, i found you via Jeana Sohn’s blog and thanks i did so.
    Much love

  • also, oops, that was me. accidentally logged into an account that doesn’t actually exist. long story. <3

  • I love Erinn’s ideas and inspiration! Your blog is great too… will be back often!

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