I love this guy. Originally from Holland and now living in Rotterdam, Silas is an artist trying to make a living by painting and illustration; a big dream in a little city.

“My work is almost always figurative and I think I can say that I have my own style. I hate explaining the meaning or themes in my paintings. Of course, I am trying to tell something in most of my paintings, but that does not mean that you should read the same story between the frames. It’s nice to know what the artist means, but it is much nicer if you can interpret your own feelings to my work.”

Silas graduated from the William de Kooning Art Academie in 2000 and is well on his way to a bright future ahead. I’m loving his work these days and would be surprised if I’m the only one.

Contact Silas right here if you’re in the market for an artist-commissioned painting; he’s always up for custom work!

Thanks, Silas!