the story of stuff.

About an hour go, I finished finalizing tomorrow’s posts and was just about to shut down my computer to grab a bite to eat with Husband when I received an email from a good friend [holy run-on sentence!].

She forwarded me to this site, where a 20-minute informational [but NOT snoozey] documentary was compiled by research guru Annie Leonard and Free Range Studios. You can view the documentary here, or via Youtube [be sure to catch all seven short chapters] right here.

I would LOVE for every reader to view this documentary, so I’m going to postpone my regular posting until Friday of this week. There’s enough information in blogland as it is, and by silencing this forum for a day, my hope is that you will take the time you normally do to read my blog and instead, view this short film.

Until then, kudos to everyone out there who shops thrifty, vintage/antique and is doing their part not only to save the environment, but to combat consumption.

Love to you, and thanks for your time. I’ll see you Friday.

  • i actually watched this the other day and it is very interesting. it really made me think about my “stuff”. she goes a great job of spelling it out for us.

  • Great series of videos. MUST WATCH!

    I would like to add that consumption is primarily enabled by the issuing of vast amounts of credit. The average consumer spends far more money than they earn. So…maybe one other way we could reduce the consumption cycle is to cut up credit cards, pay off debt, and support political candidates that will enact legislation reducing available credit (we couldn’t wage war if there was no credit available to the government).

  • Thanks, Allyzabba!

    And Caroline— I think that’s a VERY valid point. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!!!

  • I love this! Thanks so much for sharing it. I only wish people would spend as much time expanding their minds as they do expanding their mountains of useless tat.

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