chair couture.

Crap. I totally can’t for the life of me remember where I heard about Margaret and Chair Couture, but I know I didn’t just pull it out of mid-air, so whoever pointed me in CC’s direction— THANK YOU. And show yourself; I’ll send you cookies or something.

Regardless, Margaret was kind enough to email me some of her top pics from Chair Couture’s site. Beautiful, yes? And here’s the best part:

Chair Couture’s philosophy is as unique as the chairs they upholster. No style numbers, no bulk– each chair/chaise is upholstered in a fabric specific to its frame, or personality. Thus, Margaret takes one-of-a-kind French furniture and breathes new life into each piece, leaving it with a unique and 100% stylish piece.

I’m in mad love with this idea, and just look at these chairs. Gracious, my butt would NEVER be worthy to grace such a fine piece of furniture.

Thanks, Margaret!

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