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Hello Design for Mankind! I need your help in a BIG way. As part of Design for Mankind’s new look and NEW site (to be released VERY soon), I need to know what YOU want to see. After all, my hope is to inspire other bloggers and/or members of the design community (or just your average design-lovers!) in the beauty of the everyday.

So, I need some info from you. What do you like? Dislike? Want more of? Less of? Please be 100% honest. There’s a short survey on the top right-hand side of the page— please answer all questions and email me if there’s something you want to add. (Send to [email protected]). I welcome ALL comments and/or criticism (constructive, please— I’m a sensitive soul!).

If you feel so obliged to elaborate and email me with further comments, I’ll send you a surprise in the mail! And that surprise just may have a little bit to do with a certain inspiration poster that I’m releasing very, very soon—–

Thank you SO much for helping me shape Design for Mankind into something you’ll (hopefully!) love and cherish each day.

Love to you all.

  • I love love love before and afters of what people have done with “regular” houses that I might daydream about doing myself someday. :-) love your blog!!


  • Okay, I did my part and completed the survey, but more (all good!) comments to come. I’m completely excited about the new site!!

  • Ok, i’m going to answer … And “YOUPI” a new site … but i really like this one too !!!!

  • Don’t tell those people at the mall with the clipboards but I secretly love surveys…

  • i am definitally excited for your new site.. is the survey still up? if so i have definitally had a ‘looking for something in the fridge’ moment.. in any event you have a wonderful sense of style and you can count on me checking in on the site daily.. take care

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