special thanks.

Thank you SO SO much to all of the readers who voted– I’m amazed at your quick and detailed responses and am closing the poll b/c well, I’ve got what I need!

If you missed the reader survey and want to put in your two cents, email me at [email protected], or click here and tell me about it. I LOVE feedback and it’s proven to be VERY helpful in the shaping of the new site!

Also, it looks as if the majority of you click over to Design for Mankind to get your daily dose of inspiration in a variety of ways— so you’ll continue to see a bit of everything: fashion, decor, art (and LOTS of it!), photography and DIY projects. I’ll be giving you more Trend Alerts, more Dailies and continuing my monthly E-Zine project as always!

Thanks for your support— love to you.

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