this week in inspiration: 3.23 to 3.27.

10. Howard Hodgkin kicks up some dust in London.
9. “Design, in the end, is about creating better things for people.” Bruce Nussbaum finally gets it right.
8. WACK!Art gains great reviews, creating an almost-permanent space for feminine art in today’s society. [editor’s note: I am not a feminist, but I very much appreciate this message].
7. A coupon a day keeps child hunger away.
6. Colombia gets inspired.
5. From plastic to print: artists unite.
4. The greenest shade of shoes yet.
3. Subtle branding is back. AMEN!
2. The eVite gets a facelift.
1. Design for Mankind’s eZine 3 to be released Monday at midnight. [Of course I’m going to make the zine number one!]

  • I can’t wait for issue number 3!!!
    ps. I think you mean Colombia…

  • HA… I totally do. I’m so ridiculous sometimes. THANKS! :)

  • I think I did, my dear— I just left you a comment! :)

  • fabulous and can’t wait for no. 3! i don’t know how you have time to find all of these things and leave comments. how is that massive order for your cards going?

  • They never paid me. Can you believe it, Cindy? Craziness. :)

  • Because of you, Sunday didn’t appear too mundane.

    Congratulations on making the eZine… I’ll be sure to promote it on my blog.

  • What a sweet note, dear Pat! And gracious, I’m LOVING your site!!! :)

  • Just wondering what you mean when you state that you are not a feminist? Does it mean you don’t believe a woman should get equal pay for equal work, that a woman shouldn’t be safe from domestic violence & sexual abuse? Surely all modern women in free socities are feminists. We are able to say NO, we have the right to vote, we can choose when, where & if we work, who we love, whether to marry, if we have kids or not etc etc. Isn’t feminism all about having autonomy in our own life & the right to choose who we will be regardless!!! When did “feminist” become a dirty word?
    From a sad but curious fellow blogger

  • Hi Sharyne!!!

    Thanks so so so much for your comment. You raise a fantastic point re: feminism and the fact that is has such a negative connotation.

    I have tremendous respect for all types of feminists and find their knowledge of the topic quite inspiring. I don’t know much re: the history of feminism in terms of the definition at hand (radical, third-wave, etc), but all I can stand for is what I know from my experiences.

    So I guess when I say that I’m not a feminist, it simply means that I haven’t figured out where to categorize myself on the spectrum. It’s a bit like saying I’m not a photographer, b/c I haven’t committed myself to studying the craft. I do, however practice photography techniques at times, but I wouldn’t label myself as such.

    Does that make ANY sense? I do hope I haven’t offended you, and I think your points are right on. I’d love to talk with you more about your thoughts— email me!!! :)

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