who’s who: john bonick.

“What’s being overlooked is that art is a different language. It has its own vocabulary, its own idioms– evolved from other art in the recent or distant past. It’s a visual language that is used instead of words.”

John Bonick, currently exhibiting at Andrew Schwartz Gallery.

  • I’m not sure what it is, but I dig it… A photo, a painting, tangled dental floss…hmmm, very mysterious!

  • i love this!…it brings up tons of questions for me and i love pieces that make you question what you are looking at, feeling, thinking…

  • Touché, and I could spend way too much time trying to interpret this visual vernacular!

  • I know, right? He describes his paintings as ‘channels’ or ‘mediums.’ Super smart guy, really, and I just love the things he quotes!!! :)

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