book of the day: the woodbook.

“how much wood could a woodbook hold if a woodbook could hold wood?”

$39.99 from Nucleus.

  • oh my gosh, that would be an awesome book to have. i wonder if it comes with a cd!

  • “It’d hold as much wood as a woodbook would hold if a woodbook could hold wood”

    They have quite a few interesting looking books and items there.

  • So interesting…seriously, you’re too funny:)

  • funny.. i always thought that is was ‘how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodcheck could CHUCK wood’ … ahaha.. but i guess that doesnt really make any sense.. and yes.. i did take speach therapy as a child.. haha.. thanks for the concern erin.. all is going ok.. just a bum shoulder for now and a banged up eye.. but i work in rehab so i am in good hands.. ha.
    ps-frozen peas that have thawed out on our neck as you awake uncomfortably on the couch to a dvd menu replaying over and over WAY too lound smell horrible.. just a word to the wise

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