monday morning lazies: veer.

I have like a manic list of artists that I wanted to feature for this week’s Monday morning lazies, but I just couldn’t focus on anything but Veer this morning. Seriously— have you BEEN there lately?

Veer has always been in the business of cutting edge typography and crazy awesome graphics, but since when has Veer stepped up to the inspiration plate? I mean, without Veer, I wouldn’t have heard about this absurd story. And where else can you watch robots getting down with their bad selves? Or see your mother’s entire high school yearbook in cartoon form?

Only Veer. And if you’re short on inspiration this week, visit The Skinny and The Fat. You’ll fill yourselves right up, without the extra calories.

  • Seriously, Veer is awesome. I get their books every month here at work and just realized the other day- I had a few years worth sitting on my desk! They are so awesome I always felt guilty getting rid of them. So glad I saved them now because I decorated my wall at the office with them :)

  • I know, right? I save them as well, and someday they’re going to make a FANTASTIC print collection for me. :)

  • I heard of them, but never really looked into it. I LOVE IT! They have cool wallpapers for your computer too!

  • Seriously- everyone get on their mailing list! They send amazing inspiration all the time- plus if your in the deisgn business you can’t beat their fun products

  • i save their books, too. they have great stuff. finally, something i do know about already ;).

  • Yes, everyone! Do it!

    Ha, and Cindy— you make me laugh SO MUCH! :)

  • Yikes! These images are right up my alley (I think I’ve been saying that a lot recently about things you feature here…). Thanks for the link.

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