this week in inspiration: 06.02.08 to 06.06.08.

10. We recycle things. Michelle recycles rings.
9. A heat sensitive tee for the season-sensitive folk [thanks, Letter!].
8. Moleskine makeovers. Because face it. Laser-etched laptops were so last month [thanks, Make!]7. Matthew Palladino gives life at the park a shot.
6. Jess and Wolfie? With a side of nonprofit? Yes, please.
5. Turns out Mother Nature is an artist, too.
4. Reconsidering my fear of slimy things.
3. Legos recreating our nations favorite photographs.
2. Be random. Behance said so.
1. Hands down, the best use of a day.

  • I loved be random, taking advantage of mistakes is the thing I try to do, and It works very well.

  • #3 is brilliant! also those laser-etched moleskines are fierce, yes fierce.

  • Hey, thanks for linking to us the last couple of weeks. Love the blog!

  • aw. those little people on the snail!!!

    oh, and i’ve seen those tree pen drawings before on tv. they’re pretty darn awesome!

  • Great inspiration pieces Erin!
    I want one of those t-shirts.

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