Do I REALLY need one more reason to procrastinate by watching a short about procrastination?

Yes, please.

Link: design:related™.

  • ohhh that is fantastic! My favorite part is “playing computer games with your furniture” ala tetris, as I do this in my head with everything after playing tetris.

  • omg… after seeing the true definition of procrastination, I had the realization that I procrastinate ALL DAY LONG.

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  • Entertaining it is!! :) Great sad that this is so much my life right now..ha

  • Cup of tea would be me right now, along with few others. Must get packing :) I’m going to link this up for a post on my blog, just because I don’t know where to start.

  • you could be like me and procrastinate procrastinating watching this short about procrastination. I’m totally going to watch it tomorrow! or later even. Well, whenever i get to it.

  • oh man, i used to think i was productive, but i’m actually a mess with a list full of things to do while procrastinating. but, the fire escape plan is new, so i’ll add that to my list once i find the perfect pencil and have a cup of tea.

    i loved this one more and more as it continually buffered, which only increased my procrastination ;).

  • Kinda wondering how long this short on procrastination took to develop…and then materialize? Would love to hear the long, drawn out version…loved it! ;) …K

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