scavenger project: go!

Alrighty, I think most of you have signed up for the Scavenger Project: a super-awesome collabo with Atlanta-based gallery ArtHouseCo-Op, but for those of you that haven’t, you still have time to register!

And when I say “You still have time,” what I mean is, “SIGN UP NOW!”

For those of you who are set to go, you’ll be receiving your packages any day now! Our Flickr group is all set up, so don’t forget to upload your progress as you create every item off your list!

Woo hoo— let the games begin!

  • Ah! Thanks for the reminder! I just joined and am looking forward to the package of scavenger hunt goodies. :D

  • Hooray!! i’m excited!!! (and i’m even more excited that it’s based HERE!! in my city!)

  • eep! i’m excited!
    i signed up last week but my pack will probably take a little while to get to me (i’m in perth australia).
    just joinded the flickr group so now i’m ready to go!

  • i’m so excited! i’ve been eagerly checking the mail everyday for my package!

  • Hi Erin, Da…I can’t seem to figure out how to join the art house pool flikr group. I have my own flickr account when I try to join the scavenger group it asks for the email address and password of the group I want to merge with ??? should I know that info ???… as I said earlier. Dah. Sorry. Can you help. cheers, S.

  • Hi Susan dear— certainly! Next to group pool, you should see a ‘Join’ notification— click it and you’re in! :)

    I’ll email you now… ;)

  • I decided to bite the bullet and just signed up :) SO excited to have a creative project that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a computer!


  • AHHH!! I signed up!
    I was a bit leery about putting my real name in, for certain reasons… but I kind of thought maybe, they specifically meant we’ll be on first name bases? Like in the book can I just go by first name?

  • just a little question from someone participating: why do you call it “Scavenger project”? Voltures are scavEngers,right? English is not my mother language so – not to be misstaken – I dubble checked with wikipedia “Well known scavengers include vultures, burying beetles, blowflies, yellowjackets, and raccoons”. Or is it a joke – scavAngers are collectors, right?

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