mankind teaser…


That’s right; that’s all you get. Tomorrow is the release of the NEW RE-BRAND of Mankind Mag, and I am SO SO excited! Seriously. Thrilled.

We have tons more content [over 50 pages worth!], TONS more talent, and most of all— some really fascinating and creative individuals. To release the shiny, new look of Mankind Mag, we’ve got a shiny, new media kit for all of you artists who want to be involved! Email me for rates/guidelines.

ALSO— a few housekeeping notes. This was a really big decision for me, and I have a feeling I may get some hate mail for it, BUT… I can no longer afford to keep downloads free for Mankind Mag. Truth be told, advertising is dwindling as many of us are in the midst of a struggling economy, and without funds from advertisers, I can’t proceed to exist. So, my hope is that you’ll understand tomorrow when you see that the new Mankind Mag issue will be $1.99. A sneak peek will be offered on Issuu for those who want to peruse before you purchase, but I think you’ll all be quite pleased with the mag, with or without the additional charge.

In addition, Mankind Mag will still be offered in print, but by request only.

Please bear with me as the new transition takes place, and I can’t thank you enough for all of your support thus far. AND, I can’t end this post without thanking my new Mankind Mag team of contributors– there is such talent amidst the pages of this next issue and I truly can’t wait for you to devour it!

Thank you SO much, everyone. I’ll see you tomorrow bright and early with the NEW Mankind Mag!

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