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I’m taking a day to decompress after an exhausting week finishing the mag. Although I’m pleased with the final product, I’d love to hear YOUR feedback. After all, it’s for your eyes only!

Feel free to comment below— any likes/dislikes, specifically? For those of you who didn’t download the mag, what held you back? As always, this is your forum! Comment away, or feel free to email me with your thoughts.

Thanks for a lovely release. Truly.

  • I haven’t ever gotten the mankind mag, but for some reason one night it was in my dream. they were selling a bunch of them at some store and i had to go buy one. hahaha. weird.

  • I didn’t get it because I didn’t think the past issues were worth paying money for. I know you’ve “revamped” it, but it seems weird that you wouldn’t give away the first issue to show how great it is and THEN charge for issue #2.

  • I’d like to comment on the last comment, by Robyn. I think it’s quite odd that you don’t think the past issues are worth paying for, yet issues is plural, so you obviously read more than one. I know that I have absolutely no concept of the amount of work it takes a person to put out an entire magazine, email format or paper format, and when I consider the awesome amount of work it must take, it seems that $1.99 is a very reasonable and fair price. I would like to say I am shamelessly proud of mankind mag, and its lovely editor.

  • I think it was really good. I’ve found the other issues a bit “short”. That is: over so fast! Of course it is always nice to get things for free, but I think that if you’re prepared to spend the time it takes to read through a magazine you’re interested enough to pay a little. Or otherwise: how do you value your time? It’s a totally different story if you’re out of a job and have no money to spend…

    I linked to the mag on my blog!

  • This is great feedback, guys—

    Robyn: I totally understand your perspective. It was my hope that those that enjoyed previous issues would also enjoy the re-brand, but you’re right— if the previous issues didn’t quite do it for you, why should you pay for a new issue? I hope you’ll give us another shot in a few months— I think you’ll quite like what you see! :)

    And JKAK: It is a lot of work, yes. Thank you for acknowledging our hard work and supporting us through it all! :)

  • Thank you Alexandra! I agreed— the mag was much too short, and that was simply b/c the cost to print was SO expensive per page, so I had to pack it into such few pages.

    It is my hope that the new brand will have loads more content so you feel satisfied at the end of the issue! :)

  • i think the emphasis in ‘revamped’ should be on ‘amped’ as in – the new edition is totally AMPED UP! excellent work as always, erin with a great team of contributors. $2.00 – $.01 seems more than reasonable.

  • as an ex-mag designer/editor/etc i can sense your need for a little lie down! as for the $1.99, i think it’s well overdue.
    fav pages: 32-35! also love the spirit of the mag, thanks to the lovely editor :)

  • I love love love the redesign. I think the design was the only thing I wasn’t totally in love with in the past issues, and now I love it. It feels a little more edgy and less cute now, exactly what it needed. I loved all the photos in this issue especially!

  • Hi. I’m new here. I haven’t bought the mag yet but I will. Just wanted to say its pretty awesome how its so cheap and you can just download it. Easy as pie. Ta.

  • First off, I give you a lot of credit for asking for honest feedback…that’s not always easy to get, especially on something you’ve poured your blood sweat and tears into these last several weeks! Personally, I haven’t had a chance to read it from cover to cover just yet, but I have looked at every page and really love the redesign. It makes me want to spend more time with it. And, in some way, it feels like a coffee table book…something I’d go back to periodically, as opposed to just tossing it when the next issue arrives.

    Oh, and P.S., at 73 pages it’s bigger than most mags on the newsstands this month. At half the price. Pretty awesome, Erin ;)

  • I loved it. Since I’m fairly new here I don’t have as much perspective as your other readers who have seen many past issues (I’ve only looked through one). I agree with what Melisa said in that it really does seem more like a coffee table book than a magazine and a coffee table book at 2 bucks…that’s a deal-ee-oh fo sho!

    I think that overall it’s a great concept, innovative and super-fresh. I subscribe to A LOT of magazines (Domino, Lucky, Vogue, W, Elle Home, Vanity Fair, Bazaar, Fast Company and Gotham to name but a few – yes, I have an addiction) and I like them all for different reasons and Mankind Mag is unlike each of them. loves it!

  • sorry to say, but i am also with Robyn. i didn’t think the teaser was particularly “teasing” either – it was very short and, reading through these other comments here, didn’t seem to encapsulate the coffee-table, must-read nature that people are talking about. as an avid buyer of magazines, i also like to read them on paper (as reading on-screen does my eyes in…). so i’m guessing if i did buy it, i wouldn’t read it, and all your good work would be lost on me.
    in saying that, i really enjoy your blog and i am sure the content is great. maybe a better teaser next time would convince me to buy it.
    sorry :(

    ps. i also really really hate paypal…

  • Hi Ali—

    I sooo thank you for your feedback. That’s great advice— I didn’t want to share too much content, but four pages out of 73 is hardly a lot, yes?

    I appreciate your honesty. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I’m still learning— perhaps the next issue will have a much more intense sneak peek! ;)

  • I fully plan on downloading it–I just tend to take a while to get around to crossing it off my list. The photo in this post is definitely added incentive (gorgeous!) and the comments from your other readers is really helpful.

    And even without seeing it yet, congratulations on all the hard work of re-branding (you definitely deserve a hot cocoa and a foot rub) and I think charging this small amount is a smart, fair, and highly reasonable move to make for all your effort!

  • Hi!
    I loved all your past online mags, they truly stand out and I can understand that you worked really hard on them. :) Great work!
    However, being a reader from abroad with no paypal account, I unfortunately could not access it, and have no other way of paying you, even if I wanted to. So, sadly, if all the issues would be like this, I would not be able to have access to it.
    Sucks. :(
    Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Thanks for that.:D

  • Hey Erin,
    thanks for answering… i’m glad you took the comment in the spirit it was given.
    i look forward to the next issue then,.. would be awesome if u could talk to ppl about printing it too… would be good to have something to flip through and read in bed :)

  • i love, love, love the manifesto! and i think you get an awful lot of inspiration for $1.99, so no problem in having to pay for it.

    as for me, i just print it myself and curl up with it in a comfy chair with a big cup of tea and let the inspiration roll over me. :-)

    thank you for providing so much awesomeness for such a great price. :-)

  • i love your blog, i read everyday, and i would have bought the magazine if it wasn’t for just one thing: the picture on the cover.. i don’t know if that is real fur or not, but it looks real and it upset me.
    i think the price is fantastic, and i can appreciate the work you put into this.. it’s just, i’m not comfortable about paying for something carrying an image and an impression that fur is okay.

  • Hi Dorna!

    GREAT comment. I’m learning SO much about all of this!
    Again, you’re very right. I should have included a disclaimer that the fur was indeed fake and Mankind Mag [in no way!] supports animal cruelty.

    I absolutely understand your point of view and I thank you for your honesty!

  • Hi Plusme—

    I’m so sorry to hear your disappointment. I wish I could continue to offer the mag for free, but I have to follow my instinct.

    What I can do is extend the sneak peek to include at least one full article and a few more pages. That way you’ll get a small dose of the real thing?

    Hope this helps in some way— and thank you so much for your comment. :)

  • Hi Erin,

    I just bought the issue, so I haven’t had a chance to read it.

    I’d like to echo the other comments that the teaser wasn’t quite teasing enough. Nuff said.

    Also, the cover made me hesitate (only slightly). The fur coupled with the model’s head shot made me think of any, everyday fashion magazine rather then the unique art/design/photography that this blog showcases.

    I bought the issue on the grounds of your blog’s reputation. But, I believe in Mankind’s mission and I want to support its growth.

    The $1.99 is a non-issue; however, in the future, I’d love to purchase a subscription. I have short-attention internet span (how can a Beyonce search lead to a history lesson on stool pigeons?!?). Trying to remember my Paypal account, logging in, all that stuff is just a slight inconvenience.

    PS. I can’t wait to read about the 12 shiny new artists.

    <3, Deb

  • Got it and devoured it.
    My favorite: Shine On, and the interview with Kate Moross!

    More Interviews, please! I love to learn about other artists’ creative processes!

    Oh, and the Pause. Take a break? Genius.

  • hi! this is erin— i’m having trouble logging in under my name!

    thank you SO much for your honest thoughts, deborah— and you are RIGHT on with a lot of them.

    the reason for the “fashiony” cover is simply b/c i wanted to showcase my readers— all “models” are readers of mankind mag, and i really liked the idea of showcasing those that have been so supportive!

    and a subscription is a FANTASTIC idea— i’m working on that for the next issue, so yes– you’ll hear about that very soon!

  • Hey Erin, I just bought the issue, can’t wait to receive it in my inbox. It looks brilliant and I’m glad to hear that the fur on the cover is faux! I enjoyed your other mags, found them very inspiring in my own work so I can’t wait to read this one.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  • well, that’s good to know the fur is fake. thank you.
    and now, i shall buy it!

  • Hmmm…
    The $1.99 isn’t a problem, artists SHOULD charge for their work (and many artists have trouble doing so). I happily would have paid it for the older version too.

    PayPal can be a hassle (I can never figure out weather I’m signing on to my american, credit-card linked account, or my aussie one linked to my bank account…) so I vote for offering subscriptions!!!

    I haven’t bought it because what was cute, quirky, and had some interesting ideas (e.g. loved the consumption issue!) now looks sleek and slick… like every other “cool” but shallow magazine on the racks. What looked handmade now looks “produced” – and I am tired of mass production and miss the “human” element.

    I admit I’m curious now after reading some of the glowing reviews =) and will probably get it in the next few days.

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