blogger mash-up: let the fun begin…

Today’s a super fun, special sort of day here at Design for Mankind, as my dear friend Vic is asking me to spear-head a special project she came up with (brilliantly, I might add). The deets? Well, I’ll let her explain, as it’s time for me to get to work!

I was asked to come up with a list of things that inspire me. Broad? Yes. Boring? Never. I think “What inspires you?” is the most common question I’m asked, so what better way to answer than to dedicate an entire post toward the issue?

Because I like lists and love to be organized (but rarely are!), I’m alphabetizing my inspirations. Yep. I’m doing it. Ready? Here we go:

A: Almonds. I could eat them all day, every day, and I’m fully convinced that inside those tiny little shells lie bundles of inspiration that travel straight to my brain.
B: Bloggers. This is obvious, but truly, I’ve met some of the nicest bloggers, and when we all get together, I’m really surprised the world doesn’t spontaneously combust from exothermic awesomeness.
C: Coffee. OK, I couldn’t not say it. B/c without coffee, I think I’d have no personality. Actually, without coffee, I know I’d have no personality.
D: Deadlines. I’m using inspiration in the literal sense here, as in “what-gets-me-off-the-couch-and-into-action.” Nothing does that faster than a good, healthy deadline. Plus, my editor’s reading this, so I have to say that. ;)
E: Enthusiasm. Oh, man. Enthusiasm is so, so infectious, and I looooove it. You can have a terrible product, business idea, or haircut, but if you’re enthusiastic about it? Well… then I love it, too.
F: Feta cheese. OK, can we pause and talk about how I order an omelette at the local diner and ask for extra feta, which basically pays for my entire omelette a hundred times over? The stuff is expensive, but man… it’s just so, so tasty. And tasty is inspiring, right? Right.
G: Girlfriends. I don’t have many (and most are online!), but boy, are they great when you need them. Also? Family, although that doesn’t start with a “G.”
H: Hope. This sounds so after-school special, but I really love knowing that there’s hope out there — whether we can see it or not. It’s totally, completely, 100% there.
I: Interior design. I’ve always loved it, and if I could have any other job than this, it would be to run an interior design (ok, or fashion) blog. In fact, this blog used to be an interior design blog, back before I realized that I’m weird, and other people are normal and I should never be allowed to design someone else’s space. Well, that, and I hate to measure things. So. Yeah. For now, I’ll settle for writing for someone else’s interior design blog.
J: Jaime, my other half (in the business sense). This girl has it together in a big way, and she’s so, so funny when she wants to be. Plus, she’s my project manager, so without her, nothing would ever be accomplished.
K: Kikkerland. Man, I love everything there. If I could be sold in stores (Lord knows they wouldn’t take me!), I’d want to be sold at Kikkerland. For $100 dollars, please.
L: Loneliness. I’ve always been a loner, and at the end of the day, I looooove spending a few minutes with just myself. Not because I love my own company (b/c truly — I’m a seriously boring date!), but b/c it’s the best time to really reflect on what’s important to you and why. And hey — no one else wants to watch Lifetime movies with me, so I suppose I sort of have to spend weekly moments alone. ;)
M: Miranda July. Because if you don’t think this girl is inspiring, you need to change your definition of inspiration. Yo.
N: Nylon, as in Nylon Magazine, not the fabric (although I suppose the fabric is OK, too). I get so excited when it arrives in the mail, because not only is the content insanely awesome, but the layouts are equally stunning. Besides, those are some craaaazy editors.
O: Opinions. There’s nothing I love more than a great, educated opinion, whether or not I agree. I’m not into debates, but I am into diversity.
P: Petty. As in Tom Petty, because I already wrote the inspiration for T. Anyway, I love Tom Petty, because he makes me dance. I’d sing, too, but I think we’ve already covered the fact that I lack any sort of appropriate vocal chords for such exercises.
Q: Quirky homes. I love when a home can speak volumes about someone’s personality. Actually, I love anything quirky. Because I do. (And probably, b/c I am.)
R: Readers. It’s true — I can’t tell you how many days I’ve felt lousy and lazy (which is my own fault, b/c I am lazy), and I’ve received a super sweet email from one of you. I can’t say it without sounding sappy, so instead, I’ll send you straight to this song. Replace Rod’s head with mine and you’ll understand the sentiment exactly. Except he can sing (debatable), and I can’t. So there’s that.
S: Stationery. Oh, man. This stuff makes my heart swell, and if I had a hundred dollars, I’d almost always spend $90 on stationery and $10 on beef jerky. Because I love beef jerky, but I love stationery nine times more. Although if it’s personalized stationery? I’d definitely forgo the jerky.
T: It took me awhile to get used to this, as it’s not pen and paper, and I’m a total neanderthal, but I really, really like it. (I owe the liking of TeuxDeux to Janel, who at breakfast with these gals, preached its purpose over and over until I caved into the modernism). And with this site, I can pretend I’m organized. And hey — what’s more inspiring than organization? Thanks, Tina.
U: Underdogs. Who isn’t inspired by underdogs? I love a good David vs. Goliath story, and the real life ones are the best.
V: Variety. Although I’m a total creature of habit, a change of scenery never ceases to inspire.
W: Weather. I would’ve just said “rain,” but dang, I already filled up the “R” slot. Anyway, thunderstorms always put me into a creative frenzy, and I’ve been known to start more than my share of businesses on rain days. ;)
X: I’m skipping “X”, because never was there a more useless word.
Y: Youth. We have so, so much to learn from today’s teens, and I’m continually inspired by their drive to better themselves. Being raised in a seemingly lazy generation, I love seeing young people rise up to everyday challenges.
Z: Zippers and such. I’m so into zippered dresses, jumpers and asymmetrical vests, like this beauty from Eryn Brinie. Also, Valentine’s Day is coming up, so gifts are welcomed. Preferably in the form of $160, or hey — just gift me the dress directly. I’m not picky.

Wow. If you read all that, you deserve massive amounts of cookies.

Now it’s time to pass it on! Part of the beauty of the Blogger Mash-Up is the ability to interact with each other, so next on the list is Blissful*Thinking! Take it away, dearie!

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