#20 and #24? Check.

I jetted off to Los Angeles last week for some much-desired R+R and found myself staying in a friend’s cabin in Big Bear. Of course, I had planned to unplug for the week (which is #6 on my list, but decided against it when I spotted Wi-Fi in the mountains. I’m a total sucker for some Wi-Fi and decided I’d save that line item for when I’m in a jungle. Or a farm. You know, the usual).

Instead, I winded up crossing two other items off my list — simultaneously, even! I amaze myself:

20. Make a chocolate chip cookie from scratch.
24. Wash the dishes by hand with yellow rubber gloves.

I had received a yummy-seeming recipe from Maggie, but my chef-extraordinaire hostess reminded me that they’d burn badly in the high altitude. So, we improvised and made high altitude cookies with a killer good recipe (apparently, the secret is salt!).

And THEN? Then, I washed dishes with yellow rubber gloves, provided by Jill. Really wanted some pearls, but a gal can’t have everything, and it was still totally fun. The suds! The water! And the crazy fact that I was washing dishes and my hands weren’t wet!

Loved it.

Onward, life list!

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