weekend mash-up.

Yes, I celebrated a birthday yesterday, and yes, I’m continuing to celebrate today (and more than likely through the weekend). Because I love birthdays, and once I have a taste of joy, I don’t give it up easily.

Speaking of joy, so proud of my dear e-friends Joy and Meg for their Creative, Inc. book release. It’s great. Go get it. And while you’ve got the credit card out, SimpleSong spotted the most adorable (and well-designed!) Etsy shop around. Get something there, too. Or buy art and save the sea turtles. Whew! I’m bossy on my birthday!

Other things on my wish list? Sean Woolsey’s industrial lamps, this Medal of Honor brooch, Karolina’s studio, anything from CHANCE, Hannah’s hair, a Neopolotian bookcover and some vintage playing cards.

Yep, I’m also very want-y on my birthday. Or, you know, the day after. Happy weekend, friends!

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