Whew! I’ve had a slew of musings elsewhere over the last few weeks. Feel free to visit me in any of the following spaces!:

-Check out the most recent video tour of my renovation home on HGTV.com. What? You didn’t realize I was renovating? You need to hang out in this space more often.
I quit the 30/30/30 Challenge last week. Because I’m lazy and it was cold. But look! My final outfit had sequins, so that’s a plus, right?
-I may not run gift guides here, but I still care. Sort of. In fact, I rounded up the Best Gadgets for Girlfriends over at My Life Scoop. Your gal pal will love me forever (image above).
-Oh, look! Another gift guide elsewhere. This time, for Store Envy, I showcased 9 Wearable, Dude-Worthy Threads (That You Ladies Can Totally Borrow, BTW). Sidenote: I haven’t said ‘dude’ in forev. Miss that word.
-My sweet Babs (a.k.a. DesignLoveFest) shared a bit about me over there. Enjoy.

Happy weekend!