renovaton update!

A few of you have emailed asking how the renovation’s going, what my thought are, and if I’m totally sick of drywall dust yet. So, are you ready for this? Renovation dump. Below:

I’m doing well. Things are progressing, sans a small snafu with our flooring sealant (which I’ll share next week on For a visual of the entire home as it stands Monday, check out this video tour:

In other words, we’re getting there. A few things on our immediate to do list?:
1. Pour a concrete mantle on the fireplace for a modern finish.
2. Install our fireplace insert so we can start burning wood on these cold winter evenings!
3. Install carpet in the hallway and bedrooms (we’re using FLOR tiles, which I couldn’t be more thrilled about!).
4. Finishing trim in all rooms.
5. Install custom kitchen cabinets (they’re being built as I type this!) and fabricate Caesarstone countertops (we’re clearly not doing this ourselves. Ha.).
6. Tile the master bathroom, guest bathroom and laundry rooms.
7. Subway tile in kitchen (we chose this design from Modwalls, which is all sorts of gorgeous in person!).
8. Install interior doors.
9. Install cedar planks and pour concrete floor in sauna.
10. Install glass railing around basement entryway.

…OK I’m officially stressed out. Perhaps lists aren’t so helpful after all?

Anyway, I’m sure I’m forgetting quite a bit of major things on this little to do list, but it’s all my tiny brain can handle at the moment.

As for an estimated move-in date? Considering we hoped to move in by July (yes, July) and it’s now December, I’m going to go ahead and assume we’ve got a few more months of work ahead of us.

We’re close! Very, very close.

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