MYkind: create more birthdays.

I’ve lost many loved ones to cancer in my twenty-something years on this planet (including my beloved father-in-law just under a month ago), and although it doesn’t get any easier, I’m a firm believer that we can use our experiences in the past to shape our future, both individually and collectively.

Thus, I’ll be judging a contest for the Create More Birthdays campaign with The American Cancer Society next month. I’m thrilled to be in the company of two fellow creatives in doing so, and can’t wait to see you guys come out of the woodwork to support a gigantically inspiring cause.

Artists — if you’d like to use your many talents to spread the word, submit your work here. And readers — feel free to promote the contest and vote for your favorites as you see fit. This community really is much larger when we ban together, yes?

Thanks, friends. You all are the best cookies around.

p.s. I was not in any way paid to promote this contest. Just feel the need to shed light on a  cause I’m involved in.
p.p.s. Fun fact – Ken and I met in college when filming a documentary on The American Cancer Society, so I sort of owe the organization anyway. ;)

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