MYkind: 2012 goals.

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Wowza. Thanks for giving me an extra day off, tootsies. I’ve been admittedly down in the dumps lately (oh, hormones), but after a fresh coat of snow outside and an inspiring playlist, I’m reminded that a new year is inevitable, and change is around every corner. Time to embrace it (I’ve always been a slow learner, clearly…)!

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of goals (resolutions is a scary word for me) I’ll be striving for this year. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my non-goals, which is my very very favorite tradition EVER. More on that later…!:

1. Learn to sew (my mother-in-law gifted me a vintage sewing machine for Christmas and I start lessons next week!).
2. Practice grace often. Even with myself. Especially with myself?
3. Take neighborhood walks at least 3x weekly. (We have the most glorious walking trails that I never pause to enjoy!)
4. Pick up a book once a month. A real, live one.
5. Keep the mindless Internet loafing to a minimum, but appreciate the connectivity and community you’ve helped to build.
6. More tea, less coffee.
7. Perhaps surprise Ken with a home-cooked meal every now and then? (Really reaching on this one…)
8. Squirrel away your earnings for something special on the horizon.

What about you? Any new goals on the horizon for you? Say them out loud!
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  • Great goals! I like your goal concerning grace. I agree that it’s good to say then out loud and share with others. a few of mine include: buy less clothes, and more art. publish a childen’s book. the rest are on my blog ;) happy new year.

  • I love these goals. All totally reachable and better than ‘lose weight, get more sleep’. I also hate the word ‘resolutions’ and go with goals. It seems more attainable somehow. Good luck with the sewing lessons, that sounds like a lot of fun!! x

  • I heard absolutely the best goal yesterday from a fellow cancer victor:
    “My new year’s resolution is to write my resolutions next year.”
    he also said this: Spend a moment being kind to yourself every day.

    here’s mine:
    I am changing my work schedule to mon wed thurs so I can take a qi gong class on fri.

  • Those are some very good goals! Good luck with the sewing, I just got a sewing machine for Christmas too :) Also, I love the idea of ‘non-goals’ can’t wait to see what yours will be this year!

  • Love your list! Mine is more of a non-goals, I didn’t feel like being serious at all this year. Maybe that will be my one serious goal — be less serious. Cheers!

  • Miss Erin- I’d totally recommend you reading Water for Elephants. That was the first book I ever read for enjoyment (actually while I was pregnant with Wade over 4 years ago!!) and I was hooked ever since. Janet Evanovich is HILARIOUS, so if you’re looking for a funny book- try Janet’s series of Stephanie Plum novels… I have a huge list of books I love and would recommend you some more if you want a list of “to read” books! :)


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